Lee Adama (bsg_lee_adama) wrote in bsg_rpg,
Lee Adama


When: Few weeks after Battle of New Caprica
Where: Battlestar Galactica Flight Deck
Who: Major Lee Adama, anyone

Since the Battle of New Caprica tension has run high in the fleet and in particular on board the Galactica so to relieve the tension the Admiral has given permission to hold a boxing tournament down in the flight pod on the Galactica. The contest is open to everyone as long as they place their dog tags in the draw as rank has no meaning in the ring.

Since the events on New Caprica the Galactica crew has been more than a little tense. The reintegration of so many deck hands, pilots that had survived the occupation had caused a rift to grow between many and it was getting worse by the day. Lee had seen and been in the middle of a few feuds himself and after reporting to his father about the issues aboard his ship, it was suggested that a boxing competition be held down in the flight deck.

He was charged with making the arrangements for the competition but before he get anything properly setup, word had spread through the ship about it. Many wanted to compete to settle a score or just to have a little fun for a change so the ring was built on the flight deck by Tyrol and his gang. Colonel Tigh was made the referee for the matches and Doc Cottle was arranged to be at ringside for any injuries but other than that it was totally open.

Lee had a background in boxing, his father and him regularly sparred on the Galactica before he was promoted to Commander and assigned to the Pegasus. After that it was nearly impossible to get time to spar and once the Cylon's turned up, recreation was out of the question for them so this idea gave him and his father the chance to get back into the ring if they choose to. His tags were the first into the draw and it was open for anyone else to enter if they wanted to.
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